In his early 20’s, George Westerman recalls his financially struggling college years as the impetus for handcrafting furniture out of necessity, (“We needed a kitchen table”). Fast forward 30+ years and necessity gave way to a lifetime passion in Sneezerbear Tables. Westerman believes in simplicity of design, allowing the wood to tell its story. Without hesitation he adds that wood drives the project. He does however admit the liberties that the artist takes when describing his style, “think Shaker with curves.” Dealing with locally grown & harvested hardwoods (many grown on his own property) all pieces are shaped by hand and created one piece at a time.

george2The making of a Sneezerbear Table begins with connecting the wood to the idea.



1. Selecting the wood — recognizing energy & character.


2. Rough-cutting into boards — sizing up the wood for unique aspects & figures.


3. Surfacing — drawing out the highlights.


4. Shaping — adding profiles (edges & curves).


5. Assembling — pulling it all together.


6. Finishing — bringing out the luster & natural beauty of each piece.


The Process of Harvesting & Milling — a true farm-to-table experience.